Yonex Voltric 80 Racquet Review

What about this racquet has made it soo highly acclaimed and the preferred weapon of choice for soo many pros like Peter Gade, we take a look at it now...

RRP: £174.99 
As tested: £144.00 

Performance: 5/5 

Value for money: 4.5/5 - I want to say 5/5, but there is no denying this is a dear bit of kit. 

WOW! Let me say right from the start this is my personal racquet, and my new favourite in the kitbag. The Voltric 80 is Yonex’s flagship in the Voltric range. It comes in a full length protective cover with the Yonex and Voltric logos adorning the sides. You can tell this is a no expenses spared racquet, with the cover feeling it’s made of quality also. 

The Voltric 80 comes in a striking metallic white with abundant splashes of black & gold. I really like the look of the racquet as its not too flashy but looks special. The Voltric 80 has the thinnest ever shaft created by Yonex; when I first heard about this, I thought it would make the racquet fragile. Yonex has added NEOPREME™ to the shaft, a material that is extremely strong yet light and flexible. The thin frame aids to the aerodynamics of the racquet making it easier to generate more power from faster arm swings. 

As I don’t have a particular muscular build, I rely on fast arm swings and getting around the court to win matches. This racquet certainly helps with the fast arm swing par; the thin frame and shaft help the aerodynamics of this racquet. I found it almost effortless to smash with the right balance of head heaviness to aid power. 

For large parts of the last year, I used a Carlton Fireblade. This racquet is very headlight and great to manoeuvre  I learnt to like this racquet because I would just manage to get enough on shots. But after a while I realised I had actually become too defensive of a player, relying on opponent errors to win points as this racquet would generate absolutely no power of its own. This is probably why I like the Voltric 80 so much. 

It has changed me as a player! 

Its also worth mentioning in this review about the Voltric Force. The Z-force is designed around the Voltric 80 but made for more aggressive players who want even more power in their shots. A full review of this racquet is coming as soon as I can get my hands on one. Yonex considers this racquet to sit above the Voltric 80, but I think it’s aimed at a different sort of player. (or it could just be a marketing stunt to make a more expensive racquet?) 

This racquet is expensive! I bought it after borrowing one from a friend and getting hooked to its effortless power and control. I surprised myself after making the purchase especially as I was not in the market for purchasing another racquet.