Yonex ArcSaber 10 Racquet Review

The ArcSaber 10 is one of those mind bending rackets that have the ability to do more than what's expected of it. At a price. 

RRP: £169.99    As tested: £144.00 

 Performance: 4/5 
 Value for money: 4/5 

The Arcsaber 10 is a higher range racquet aimed at advanced club and professional players. The arcsaber range was launched in 2012 as a replacement to the popular armortec series which was very amongst the hard-hitters and offensive players. The Arcsaber range is designed to take the best of the Armortec series (power generation) and combine it with new technology to also make the racquet easier to handle in defensive or net play situations. 

The Arcsaber 10 comes in a full length protective cover with the Yonex and Arcsaber logos adorning the sides. The racquet has a similar colour scheme to the Voltric 7, except with more flashes of white and black. Defensive Immediately you get the sense this racquet is more maneuverable than the Armortec series racquets. 

Whilst it is head-heavy, you don’t get the feeling you are wielding a dumbbell on a piece of string. I managed to get 50% more defensive clears from opponent smashes and also felt those smashes were more directed than the Armortec 900. Conclusion You might have noticed that I have compared the ArcSaber 10 a lot to the Armortec 900. This is because I feel it is the natural successor to anyone upgrading. However, the ArcSaber 10 is much more than that. The new technology Yonex have implemented means than players who relied on their attacking ability to win points can now gain an edge with placement as well without sacrificing their smashing ability too much. 

I think racquets in this price range should look more special especially as you are paying for the Yonex name, but that’s just me. It certainly feels special, and I would recommend this racquet for advanced attacking players looking to add another angle to their game. Players currently using head-heavy racquets and thinking of changing their style, the ArcSaber 10 has a steep learning curve but worth it if you can master it!