Yonex Voltric 7 Racquet Review

The voltric 7 is a great intermediate racquet. Fitting neatly in the £75-£100 category.

The racquet looks quite dull and mundane for a racquet that is supposedly in the mid-higher range of the voltric range. It comes in a dark red with flashes of white and black. It certainly does not look like a special racquet.

This is where this racquet comes into its own, for an intermediate racquet, it really punches above its weight. It gives you confidence during mid-rally to change defense into attack. Smashes are powerful and forgiving even if you don't catch the middle of the frame. I can only think of the much more expensive Voltric 80 which gives faster smashes. 

I feel you have to be quite deliberate with your drops, you can't 2nd guess your shot mid-play (a bad habit anyway) but I feel you have to force the shot a little; this could be more to do with the stringing (see below) than the racquet though. 

Clears sail through the air, and the really great thing is this racquet gives good feedback on the distance. The medium-flex and new materials Yonex have used on the shaft give you good feel and repulsion for greater length in clears. 

One of the things I hate most about this racquet is the stringing it comes with by default from Yonex. For a racquet that is designed for feel and power, it comes as standard with Yonex's BG-85 string with what seems to be a very low tension. This gave the racquet as tested a rather spongy feel; especially when trying to do winning smashes or trying to do that delicate drop.

Players looking for more power and better output from this racquet would be recommended to restring the racquet from the default out the bag. Regular readers will know I'm a fan of the BG-65TI string from Yonex. 

Overall a great racquet, and one that is highly recommended for those looking for an intermediate step up from begginer frames. But would restring almost immediately to your preferred tension; the BG85 string the racquet comes with out the factory is very hard wearing and you'll be hard-pushed to break it.