YONEX NanoSpeed Excel Racquet Review

I'm very excited to be reviewing the redesigned Yonex Nanospeed Excel today; an intermediate racquet with an added bonus. 

Fans of Yonex will know the Nanospeed series is being phased out, so apart from the Nanospeed 9900, which has a strong fanbase, is the last of the series breed.

The Nanospeed Excel comes in a standard cover, however it is a full length one, which is unusual for a racquet in this price category.

The Nanospeed Excel comes in a dark metallic Orange and grey colour scheme, with a few flecks of white. While it does look good, it doesn't stand out too much. 

Like all other intermediate and beginner racquets from Yonex, the Nanospeed Excel is made in China. This already will put off a lot of purchasers due to the volatile manufacturing standards of Yonex's Chinese factories. Buyers should look out for the Yonex stamp authenticity sticker and only purchase from approved stockists. 

Like all Nanospeed racquets before it, the Excel is headlight and is terrific around the net. It doesn't have the poise or shuttle direction changing ability of the top of the range Nanospeed 9900, but then at this price point, that's asking for a bit much.

The BONUS... I feel the Excel is a test racquet for Yonex to test a new material called Excel Alloy (hence the name). It is made by combining titanium with aluminium creating a strong and flexible frame. It means strings can be strung to higher tensions and strikes can be hit with greater repulsion. 

The shaft is stiff on the racquet so power generation is through your own swing, however I must say I feel the Excel alloy has an effect on return speed of the shuttle.

This is a great swan song for the Nanospeed series and considering the abilities of the racquet, it is terrific value for money.