Looking Smart...

Any Gentlemen who has ever been invited to a fancy shin-dig or wedding will know what a nightmare it is to hire a decent suit. 
Now ladies, before you have a go at me saying how easy we have it in comparison to you, think about this...

You can walk into any department store and by far the largest section is woman's clothing. The abundance of choice you have in comparison is bewildering. OK, you almost have too much of it but at least it't not difficult to hunt around.

There aren't many mens' hire shops in the UK and few that have your size, and style. Fewer still that are decent value, considering your only need it for a night or two at most. 

I work in an office and am required to wear a 2-piece suit most days and so own half-dozen of my own. But what I'm talking about here is:

  • Wedding - Morning suits
  • Dinner suits (black tie / bow and Cummberband)
  • Graduation robes, Etc
Thank god for the internet then. I found a great place that does decent hire suits and depending which package you go for, even let you keep the white shirt!